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Executing the below SQL is giving this error .


Error starting at line 37 in command: alter table TABLE_NAME ADD FILE_DATA BLOB NULL default 'EMPTY_BLOB()' Error report: SQL Error: ORA-30649: missing DIRECTORY keyword 30649.0000 - "missing DIRECTORY keyword" *Cause: DEFAULT DIRECTORY clause missing or incorrect. *Action: Provide the DEFAULT DIRECTORY.

Could someone help me out ?

I can either create a new column of TYPE BLOB , or I can convert the same column created as a VARCHAR with DEFAULT value - and then change the type to BLOB . But I am not able to either of them .

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Assuming you want the default value to be an empty BLOB rather than the string 'EMPTY_BLOB()', you'd just need to remove the quotes

SQL> create table new_table (
  2    col1 number
  3  );

Table created.

SQL> alter table new_table
  2    add( file_data blob default empty_blob() );

Table altered.
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