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This is an APEX code related question and is specific to a VisualForce controller class.

I am trying to update a record with a known AccountId. However, when I set the ID in the sObject declaration SalesForce is appending the string "IAR" to the end of the ID!

Can someone please let me know what I am doing that is wrong and if I am going about this in the wrong way than what is the correct way to update a record from a custom method, outside of quicksave() or update().

So basically, the user will come to this page with the id encoded and it will either have an id or a level. This is handled by the function decode() which takes a string; "id" / "level". I then create an Account variable "acc" which will be used to store all of the Account information before we insert or update it with the statement "insert acc;". Since, I cannot set the ID for "acc" with "acc.id = salesForceID" I have decided to set it when "acc" is created. The following APEX code occurs in the constructor when it is declaring the "acc" variable.

URL Variable Passed

APEX Controller Class (Abridged)

salesForceID = decode('id');
debug1       = 'salesForceID: ' + salesForceID;

acc          = new Account(id = salesForceID);
debug2       = 'Account ID: ' + acc.id;

Debug Output
salesForceID: 001Q000000OognA
Account ID: 001Q000000OognAIAR

I apologise for the brevity of the code given, this is for security reasons. I am basically trying to set the ID of the acc before I insert/upsert/update it. I appreciate any explanations for why it could be appending "IAR" and or any alternate ways to update a record given an input AccountId. I do understand that if you pass the id in as a URL variable that SalesForce will automatically do this for you. However, I am passing more than one variable to the page as there are three separate use cases.

Thanks for your help.

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001Q000000OognA is the "standard" 15-character Salesforce ID. 15-character ID's are case-sensitive.

001Q000000OognAIAR is the case-insensitive 18-character version of that ID.

Either one is fine. You do not need to worry about the difference. If for some reason you really need to use the 15-character version in parameters etc, you can safely truncate the last 3 digits.

More information here: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/Content/field_types.htm

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Thanks jkraybill for your prompt response :) –  TristamJ Jul 17 '11 at 5:30

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