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I followed a tutorial on rails3 sorting, not sure which one, and i got it working. I have a table, and depending on the button pushed, I wanted to be able to sort on one of the columns.

Here is an example of the buttons: <%= link_to "Time", :sort => "transit_time" %>

The column looks like this: <%= result.transit_time%> (multiple times obviously)

In the controller, I originally did:

@results = Result.order(params[:sort])

And this worked.

However, now I have added a where clause to be able to query more specifically, so my query looks like this:

@results = Result.where("(NOT(train) OR :traincheckbox)AND . . . :end_location => params[:end_location]}).order(params[:sort])

THIS NO LONGER WORKS. The reason is because when I click the button, it reloads the page, and eliminates all the query string. When I first load the page the query string looks like this: "http://localhost:3000/results?utf8=%E2%9C%93&start_address=24+Grosvenor+Square&start_l . . .etc." and once I push one of the sort buttons it turns to this: http://localhost:3000/results?sort=escore

All my results disappear because there is nothing in the query string, nothing to be passed into the WHERE clause.


Sorry that is long, but I'm a relative beginner at rails and I need help.


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Please format your code by using four space indenting or backticks (`) Thanks. –  Ryan Bigg Jul 14 '11 at 5:28

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First of all, I would highly recommend you use the MetaWhere and MetaSearch Gem

One way you can keep the variables present in your next screen is to store them in hidden fields (of a form), then when you click sort, pass those hidden fields over to form your query.

Hope this helps!

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