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I have to create a script which will execute at scheduled times. Because my client is not familiar with SQL Server, I would like to create a schedule on my machine as per my client's requirements using SQL Server Agent schedule creation wizard, then create a script of the created schedule (which I will send to the client).

How can I create a T-SQL Job Schedule without using the SQL Server Agent schedule creation wizard?

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You can use management studio to get the creation script.

Create the job in management studio

Then right click the job and from the floating menu select Script The Job As -> Create To -> New Query Editor Window.

Alter the script details to match your needs

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You can start SQL Profiler, run your wizard steps, and then see what SQL has been executed in the background, using this as a basis for preparing your scripts.

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Why would you do this when SSMS or Smo will both generate a script for you? –  Pondlife Jul 14 '11 at 10:53
It's a good general method for finding out what any tool is doing, and hardly rates negative votes. –  quillbreaker Jun 29 '12 at 23:31

I see you accepted the above answer, but if you're trying to create a schedule specifically which is what your question said, as opposed to a job, you use sp_add_schedule.

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