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In my Perl code I have used the following line :

$host=$hostname if ($host eq undef);

In the output I am getting following message :

Use of uninitialized value $host in string eq at line 18.

Though I am not using strict. How can I avoid this message to be print on output?

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Use the defined function:

$host=$hostname if (!defined $host);

Or a shorter form:

$host=$hostname unless $host;

(And use strict, really.)

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Thanks Mat... It solved the issue. – Joe Jul 14 '11 at 6:18
If it did help you, please consider reading this: How does accepting an answer work?. It will help other people know that this question is solved. – Mat Jul 14 '11 at 6:20

This operator may help: defined-or operator

$host = $host // $hostname; 

if $host is defined even its value is '',0,'0', it will use $host as its value, only if $host is undef, $host will get the $hostname's value

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I think you want

$host //= $hostname;

// is the "defined or" operator. //= is its assignment version.

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