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I've read a lot about WkHtmlToXSharp (wrapper for wkhtmltopdf) so I downloaded it. The one page that appears to be the only documentation states you only need the wkhtmltosharp.dll, but I can't find it in the file I downloaded. It appears to be several projects, and the thing that looks like a DLL in the Libs/Win64 folder won't load into my project.

I'd GREATLY appreciate it if someone could point me to some instructions, and maybe some basic samples. I need to know where the .DLL is, what namespace to use, and general usage syntax to convert a HTML file to PDF.


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public static string ConvertHTMLtoPDF(string htmlFullPath, string pageSize, string orientation)
   string pdfUrl = htmlFullPath.Replace(".html", ".pdf");

       #region USING WkHtmlToXSharp.dll
       //IHtmlToPdfConverter converter = new WkHtmlToPdfConverter();
       IHtmlToPdfConverter converter = new MultiplexingConverter();

       converter.GlobalSettings.Margin.Top = "0cm";
       converter.GlobalSettings.Margin.Bottom = "0cm";
       converter.GlobalSettings.Margin.Left = "0cm";
       converter.GlobalSettings.Margin.Right = "0cm";
       converter.GlobalSettings.Orientation = (PdfOrientation)Enum.Parse(typeof(PdfOrientation), orientation);
       if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(pageSize))
           converter.GlobalSettings.Size.PageSize = (PdfPageSize)Enum.Parse(typeof(PdfPageSize), pageSize);

       converter.ObjectSettings.Page = htmlFullPath;
       converter.ObjectSettings.Web.EnablePlugins = true;
       converter.ObjectSettings.Web.EnableJavascript = true;
       converter.ObjectSettings.Web.Background = true;
       converter.ObjectSettings.Web.LoadImages = true;
       converter.ObjectSettings.Load.LoadErrorHandling = LoadErrorHandlingType.ignore;

       Byte[] bufferPDF = converter.Convert();

       System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes(pdfUrl, bufferPDF);


   catch (Exception ex)
       throw new Exception(ex.Message, ex);

   return pdfUrl;
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WkHtmlToXSharp does not have a 64bit version at this stage, you need to use the 32bit version.

You should find WkHtmlToXSharp.dll somewhere in the package.

using WkHtmlToXSharp;
IHtmlToPdfConverter htmlToPdfConverter = new MultiplexingConverter();       
htmlToPdfConverter.ObjectSettings.Load.LoadErrorHandling = LoadErrorHandlingType.ignore;
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