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echo "<img src=".$file." >" ; 

does not display image, while $file points to the correct image location C:\wamp\www\formulae\public\images\13.png

part of code reads as follows

$file = LIBPATH.DS.'images'.DS.$id.'.png' ;
echo $file."</br>";
echo "<img src='".$file."' >" ;

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if it says "C:\wamp..." then unless you are viewing the page on a machine with that file there, it wont work. more likely you want the $file variable to contain "\public\images\13.png" – BugFinder Jul 14 '11 at 6:33
yes I am checking it on the same machine, I am pointing to the absolute path – Pradeep Kumar Jul 14 '11 at 6:35
while code reads $file = LIBPATH.DS.'images'.DS.$id.'.png' ; if(file_exists($file)){ echo $file."</br>"; echo "<img src='".$file."' >" ; } – Pradeep Kumar Jul 14 '11 at 6:35
Umm … </br>?! – Quentin Jul 14 '11 at 6:38
@Pradeep — @Fabrizio D. gave a perfectly fine answer. Use URIs, don't use file paths. – Quentin Jul 14 '11 at 9:34
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<img src="<?php echo file_dir . '/' . $imageone; ?>" height="100" width="100"/>

would help you

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no it did not help – Pradeep Kumar Jul 14 '11 at 6:43
@Pradeep: Then you should not have accepted this answer. If it did help, delete your comment. – Mat Jul 16 '11 at 6:44
yes it did help. You just neet to adapt it to your code. Maybe you can hire him to do so.... – user2060451 Nov 15 '13 at 17:52
it worked thanks – user1720419 Apr 10 '14 at 10:51

You should use paths relative to your Apache document root and not absolute to your file system.

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Indeed. The src attribute takes a URI, not a Windows style file path. – Quentin Jul 14 '11 at 6:38
nope it did not help – Pradeep Kumar Jul 14 '11 at 6:44
It should do. You probably got the path wrong. – Quentin Jul 14 '11 at 9:34

Try this

echo '<img src="'.$file.'">';
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