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this is my code :

import Image,glob

files = glob.glob("/small/*.gif") 

for imageFile in files:
    print "Processing: " + imageFile
        im = Image.open(imageFile)
        im.save( "/small_/", "png" )
    except Exception as exc:
        print "Error: " + str(exc)

but it show error :

  File "f.py", line 13
    im.save( "/small_/", "png" )
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

so what can i do ,



import Image,glob,os

files = glob.glob("small/*.gif") 

for imageFile in files:
    filepath,filename = os.path.split(imageFile)
    filterame,exts = os.path.splitext(filename)
    print "Processing: " + imageFile,filterame
    im = Image.open(imageFile)
    im.save( 'small_/'+filterame+'.png','PNG')
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Try copy and pasting your code in here back into your editor, it works perfectly fine for me. You seem to have some non-printable characters in there or something similar.

Also, have a look at the PIL documentation, save needs a filename or fileobject, not a folder.

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One thing you should fix is adding a filename to save: im.save("/small_/" + filename_you_make_up + ".png", "png"). That shouldn't be responsible for the syntax error though, but it will fix your next problem.

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