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In my database I have Unicode characters like 再也 encoded in UTF-8.

When I use sphinx search, I am not able to find that particular word. I tried searching using the HTML encoded 再也 which did not work as well.

The charset type in my sphinx.conf is:

    charset_type = utf-8

Any idea how to make sphinx search for UTF-8 characters? I'm clueless.

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Are you sending your search in UTF-8 as well? –  Dan Grossman Jul 14 '11 at 7:46
Sphinx supports UTF-8, but you need to define which characters are part of a word as well. Otherwise those characters don't get indexed. See: sphinxsearch.com/docs/manual-0.9.9.html#charsets –  hakre Jul 14 '11 at 7:51

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If you're dealing with Chinese full-text searching, you can try this: http://code.google.com/p/sphinx-for-chinese

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As you are mentioning the entity-version of your chinese symbols I guess your browser is malforming your search input, cause if your browser would handle the symbols as native UTF8, and it should, you wouldn't get in contact with those entities.

You have to make shure that your browser is treating output as well as form-input as UTF8 and then puts that as is into an HTTP request.

This is done usually by configuring the http-equiv attribute of a meta-tag in the head-section.

in my experience, anything else is not important to make your browser treat UTF8 natively - except for that your server shouldn't send out the page with an encoding-hint different from UTF-8. (check firebug [network])

you might also try to query those symbols directly from cli (Putty), which also has to be set to UTF8 as charset. (for test-purposes)

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