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Here is my string:


I want to take the last section /NHg5XdqFb5b/ and remove the slashes.

Also are there any tools available to attemtp to work this out?

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You can do this by:

    $id = explode("/", "**,2011-07-13:/895645783/posts/NHg5XdqFb5b/**");
    $myID = $id[count($id)-2]; 

Or if you want to use regex: (make sure all ids are 11 in length)

preg_match("/[a-zA-Z0-9]{11}/i", "**,2011-07-13:/895645783/posts/NHg5XdqFb5b/**", $matches);
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You could do a preg_replace

$var = preg_replace('~.*/([^/]+)/\*\*~','$1',$var);
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You can use explode, which will split the string and return an array

$arr = explode("/", your_string_here); //split string by "/"
$id = $arr[count($arr) - 2]; //in your case, get the second-last part


$arr = preg_match("\/posts\/(.*?)\/", your_string_here); //matches /posts/NHg5XdqFb5b/
//$arr[0] = whole match
//$arr[1] = 1st capture group (part between brackets) in your regex, i.e. required id
$id = $arr[1];


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