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I have a custom library to be included in Qt. Currently, it is included by adding the followings in .pro file.

LIB += ...

Since the library is used in most of my projects. I am wondering that if there is some way to make my custom library to be INTEGRATED with the QtSDK? Maybe it can be included by syntax like the build-in components

QT += my_custom_library

and everything (header file include path, lib file include, etc...) will be done.

Is the integration possible?

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You are probably looking for to create a mkspec file which then used with CONFIG option. So create a file to $QT_HOME/mkspec/features/mycoollib.prf that contains your instructions. There should be plenty of examples in that directory. The name of the file declares it's usage, so the file mycoollib.prf would be used like:

CONFIG += mycoollib
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