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Is it possible (using jQuery or otherwise) to listen for a change in the value of a non-DOM Javascript object (or variable)? So, for instance, I have:

function MyObject()
    this.myVar = 0;

var myObject = new MyObject();
myObject.myVar = 100;

Is there a way to listen for when the value of myVar changes and call a function? I know that I could use getter/setters, but they aren't supported in previous versions of IE.

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possible duplicate of JavaScript - Watch for object properties changes –  mplungjan Jul 14 '11 at 7:48

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If IE is important, I guess you are not interested in Watch

But someone seems to have written a shim which makes this question a duplicate

JavaScript - Watch for object properties changes

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This is probably the best solution available - it still excludes IE7, but in a world with IE, nothing can be perfect... :) –  redhotvengeance Jul 14 '11 at 8:18
github.com/melanke/Watch.JS I think is best way to use watch –  django Apr 21 at 9:19

Basically you have two options

  • use non-standard watch method which is available only in Firefox
  • use getters and setters which are not supported in older IE versions

The third and cross-platform option is to use polling which is not so great

Example of watch

var myObject = new MyObject();

// Works only in Firefox
// Define *watch* for the property
myObject.watch("myVar", function(id, oldval, newval){
    alert("New value: "+newval);

myObject.myVar = 100; // should call the alert from *watch*

Example of getters and setters

function MyObject(){
    // use cache variable for the actual value
    this._myVar = undefined;

// define setter and getter methods for the property name
Object.defineProperty(MyObject.prototype, "myVar",{
    set: function(val){
        // save the value to the cache variable
        this._myVar = val;
        // run_listener_function_here()
        alert("New value: " + val);
    get: function(){
        // return value from the cache variable
        return this._myVar;

var m = new MyObject();
m.myVar = 123; // should call the alert from *setter*
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When you say "older versions of IE" does this include IE8? I know it is old, but does it support getter & setters? –  evolutionxbox Jun 4 at 10:38
This answer is from 2011. IE8 was not so old back then. –  Andris Jun 5 at 19:19

I think you will have to use methods to register some kind of listeners.

myObject.myVar = 100;

This just sets the value. Nothing else.

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You can basically implement such behavior

function MyObject(onMyVarChangedCallback)
    this.myVar = 0;

    this.setMyVar = function (val) {
       this.MyVar = val;

       if (onMyVarChangedCallback) {

function onChangeListener() {

var o = new MyObject(onChangeListener);
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This wouldn't work with setting the value like a setter though, right? o.myVar = 100 wouldn't work, it would have to be o.setMyVar(100) That's what I'm trying to avoid - I'd like to have it function like a setter, though it looks like that might not be possible when keeping support in all browsers. –  redhotvengeance Jul 14 '11 at 7:57
ohhh.. I see the problem closer now.. –  alexanderb Jul 14 '11 at 7:58

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