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I have a piece of code that caclulates the total RAM in my system [not Java VM Heap Size].

It is as follows:

        OperatingSystemMXBean operatingSystemMXBean = 

        Method m = operatingSystemMXBean.getClass().


        Object value = m.invoke(operatingSystemMXBean);

        if (value != null)

The problem with the above piece of code is that it gives me incorrect values sometimes. For example in a system with 8 GB of RAM, using a 32 bit JVM, it shows 4 GB. I guess it is because the JVM is 32 bit and using 32 bits 4 GB is the maximum that it can address.

Can anyone suggest ways/workarounds for this. Basically how do we get the total RAM in a system using a 32 bit JVM.

Full details of my System are as follows:

OS : Windows 7
CPU : Intel i7
JDK : Sun Java 1.6 Update 21, 32 bit
RAM : 8 GB

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Not sure if this helps, but it has some info:… – bezmax Jul 14 '11 at 8:50
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Cannot think of a pure Java way, but you can use Runtime.exec() to run the following command

wmic MEMPHYSICAL Get MaxCapacity

EDIT: Correction - the above gives the maximum capacity for installing RAM. Try the OS alias like below:

wmic OS Get TotalVisibleMemorySize
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