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I will try to compile a systray project and got the folling error message:

desktop/tmp/moc/debug_shared/moc_cao2dhl.cpp:72: undefined reference to       

I am unsing QT4.7 with QT-Creator 2.0.1 and will try to use this example for a new application.

I have created the resource and make the entry for the Image !

If there is any question let me know.

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If you show your exact code it would be easier. Out of my head, please, check two things:

  1. That your class Cao2DHL has a Q_OBJECT macro inside it, and
  2. That the slot trayIconClicked has the correct public slot: pseudo-declaration before it in the Cao2DHL class.
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Thx 4 help, it fixed, i have forgot to copy one line ;-( – Häusler Tom Jul 14 '11 at 9:21

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