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I have several hundreds of Ms Word documents in .doc format. I want to read their content and extract certain parts of the Word document, and then generate a PowerPoint document for slide shows using the extracted parts.

I know Java/PHP/Python/C, then what is the best library in those languages or similar languages for doing a task like this?

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Best way in this case is to do it with VBA , Record macros, tweak them to your need and finish your task in few minutes !

If you may provided exact details of how you want to convert document, you might get solution to it as well

Another option (if you have office 2007+ ) is to create powerpoint slide from word document

  • Home Ribbon -> New slide dropdown -> Slides from outline
  • Provide word document that has outline
  • Presentation would be created with the outline word document
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Note that have several hundreds of documents to extract, even if use the "Slides from outline" solution, there's lots of work. Further more, I have to programmatically extract text that follow a certain pattern and place then in different sections inside the .ppt I want to get. –  CarlLee Jul 15 '11 at 10:05
With that done, I hope to be able to choose the final .ppt template of the output. –  CarlLee Jul 15 '11 at 10:06
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