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Can anyone tell me how do i convert a series of images into a movie,which i want to store in Camera role.we can use image Animation. Sample Code Below.

  CGRect myImageRect = CGRectMake(0.0f, 0.0f, 768, 1024);  
  UIImageView *myAnimatedView = [UIImageView alloc]; 
   [myAnimatedView initWithFrame:myImageRect];
    myAnimatedView.animationImages =appDelegate.imageArray; 
    myAnimatedView.animationDuration =  15.0; 
    myAnimatedView.animationRepeatCount = 0; 
    [myAnimatedView startAnimating];``

Now i want to convert this image animation into a movie.which i want to save in Camera Roll of ipad as a movie(Quick time Movie)


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You need to learn and use FFMpeg library.

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This can be done with the AVFoundation framework. For example checkout this post:

Make movie file with picture Array and song file, using AVAsset

As far as I know, using FFMpeg library will be a problem when trying to publish on the app store.

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