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I am a beginner in javascript.I started fixing some bugs in JavaScript and started digging to learn more.

In my application , there is an applet which displays dynamic info. We try to display a network graph (imagine something like GoogleMap ) .

Now the problem statement is ,

  1. If i want to achieve rich advanced UI features and decide to throw away the applet code, which javascript framework i shud go for ?

  2. It s a dynamic data we try to display , so what do you recommend for a very rich GUI development ?

I am a novice to web development and have no idea of the technologies involved and there usage.

So please do let me know your suggestions in detail.


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Everyone needs to know jQuery and its plugins.

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Thanks for that , but could you let me know whether iwillbe able to model objects in javascript without using SVG ??? – Soumya Jul 14 '11 at 13:26

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