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I have a client-server system where simply client should connect to server. Here is what happens when i click Connect on client:

BOOL connectionStatus = m_sockClient.Connect(sIpAddr, 27386);

this call fails (connectionStatus being 0) and GetLastError returns 10035 (try again)

On the other hand, server accepts the connection! How? like this: Breakpoint on the first line of OnReceive() function of server socket is hit and

BOOL receivedConnection = Accept( m_sockRecv );

returns true.

  1. If connect() attempt failed, why was this Accept() successful? This is what I do not understand.
  2. How can I make CAsyncSocket blocking?

Thanks in advance.

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This is expected behavior. The error is WSAEWOULDBLOCK which means you need to wait for the OnConnect event to know when the connection is completely established. I'm not sure if there is a way to make it blocking, the whole point of the async wrapper is to make everything non-blocking. If you want blocking semantics you should probably be using CSocket.

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