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My program needs to store stuff in "%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Stuff" (depends on code I can't change). I use the following code to recursively create a folder:

class DirCreator {
   internal static void Create( String path )
       create( new DirectoryInfo( path ) );
   void create( DirectoryInfo info )
       String path = info.FullName;
       if( Directory.Exists( path ) ) {
       if( info.Parent != null ) {
           create( info.Parent );
       Directory.CreateDirectory( path );


and the caller code does the following:

String appData = Environment.GetFolderPath(
    Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData );
Creator.Create( Path.Combine( appData, "Application Data\\Stuff" ) );

I had to use that code ofter I discovered that simple Directory.CreateDirectory() wouldn't work.

Now on my local Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit the code above works fine. When I do the same in my Azure role OnStart() the following happens:

  • Environment.GetFolderPath() returns D:\ProgramData
  • once recursion descends and calls Directory.Exists( "D:\\ProgramData\\ApplicationData" ) that call returns true and recursion ends
  • when later Directory.CreateDirectory( "D:\\ProgramData\\Application Data\\Stuff" ) that call fails with

Could not find a part of the path 'D:\ProgramData\Application Data\Stuff'.

which I just don't get. Maybe it's something with virtualization?

What is going on and how do I resolve that?

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Just two little hints:

  1. Directory.CreateDirectory already works recursively. No need for your Creator class. I suggest, you remove it.
  2. Your combined path will be %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Application Data\Stuff. Note the double Application Data? Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData returns %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data which you combine with Application Data\Stuff...
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I totally don't get why Application Data suddenly doubles - the string returned from GetFolderPath() is just D:\ProgramData. Anyway I removed the Application Data component from the path and now it works. Thank you. –  sharptooth Jul 15 '11 at 7:18

I'm somewhat surprised this works on a standard server... web sites under IIS run as a fairly limited privilege user, and I wouldn't expect that user to have the rights to create directories under %AllUsersProfile%. Are you sure when you're testing locally that the site isn't running under a higher-privileged account?

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That code is inside RoleEntryPoint.OnStart() override and that code runs under a rather priviledged account by default. –  sharptooth Jul 15 '11 at 5:50
Code in OnStart runs as a normal (not admin) user by default, but if you set the executionPolicy="elevated", it will run as a local system user. Anyway, sounds like you sorted out the issue. –  smarx Jul 15 '11 at 14:22

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