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I have issues with font sizes when they are a mix of LTR and RTL contents. Say, I have text like this:

<p>في 12 ساعة</p>

It will be easy if I can place span with direction LRT to correct the font sizes, such as:

<p>في <span dir="ltr">12</span> ساعة</p> 

But they are many and mixed, so placing a span is not possible inside some body text or titles.

As you see 12 is LTR. The rest are RTL.

My CSS defines:


This looks good for RTL, but too big for LTR(here, 12).

What I want: - keep font-size to 16px for RTL - make its LTR font-size 12px

Do you think there is a CSS property to scan automatically the direction without placing span tag for each LTR?

Any hint would be appreciated.


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Unfortunately you cannot "scan" the text with CSS. Try using a font that's not so small in Arabic. A 4px difference is too much if you ask me. I usually add 1px or 2px max for Arabic text. Try "Tahoma"(it's relatively big in Arabic text)

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Thanks, Tahoma looks rasonable. –  swan Jul 15 '11 at 2:38

I wrote this example for you all text has 12px, but any text inside the p > span will have bigger text Now of course you can add class to the span in this case your css will change to http://jsfiddle.net/9uVD8/1/

p > span.className {....}

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