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I really need help.

I have decided to build a website with drupal so that i can add drupal to my skills, but i am starting to think i have made a big mistake.

I am a wordpress developer and have built most off my websites with wordpress. The probalm i am have is custom templates with wordpress i can just create a custom temaplate by add some shortcode to the head off my theme file easy.

How do you do this with drupal is it completely modular can you adjust themes i am struggling trying to find a way off doing this. i started with drupal 6 and this was possible by doing the following.


i could just then assign this to the specific page with a node of 17, i have since switch to drupal 7 and this doesnt work.

Can someone please tell me if this is possible.


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Yes this is still completely possible, however, the naming convention changed. Now you will need to name it: page--node--17.tpl.php. For more information on naming templates, see Drupal 7 Template Suggestions. Also, the Theming Guide is a very useful resource.

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