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i'm having the table like

category_id category_name parent_id
1 General Grocery 0
2 Ready to eat 0
3 rice 1
4 oils 1
5 flour 1
6 seed 1
7 testing cate 0
8 testing 5

i want to display the categories with "n" number of sub categories in subcategories. My main moto is by using the array generated by the code i want to display in view page and the select menu in the zend form. I found the code in php. but i'm unable to use that in zend. Can some one help me out with this please. Thank you.

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I think you need to generate a tree.. so there are two known patterens to me

  • adjacency level pattern
  • Nested Level Patteren

I suggest you to use Nexted level pattern

If you follow the given below two links you will surely come to know what to do.

By this you can generate appropriate tree. now you have to generate a tree in which you can select your items. so you should use this tree http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxTree/index.shtml

you can keep checkboxes to select the items and store in the database

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