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I have a class that initiate this function...but I need to modify it's regex.

I would like to exclude all alphabetic characters and any numbers beginning with 0[zero].

$('.numeric').keyup(function () {
    $(this).toggleClass('field-error', /(0|00|000)$/.test(this.value));
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Jquery Code:

$(document).ready( function(){                          
   $('#test_regex').click( function(){
      regex= /^[a-zA-Z0]+$/;
      str= $('#reginput').val();
      result= regex.test(str);
      if( result ){
        alert("Value contains alphabet or begin with zero number");
        alert("It's the correct value");

HTML Code:

<input type="text" id="reginput"/>
<button id="test_regex">Check Value</button>

Maybe it's what you want...

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I took the the +$ off the end of the regex and it worked, thanks –  Nasir Jul 14 '11 at 11:50
@Nasir: Nice to help u; –  Joko Wandiro Jul 14 '11 at 11:58
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I believe you are looking for a regex that can detect non digit characters and leading zeroes in the field. The regex below maybe of help


This regex when used with test function will return true if the string contains any non digit character or if it starts with digit zero. ^[a-zA-Z0]+$ will not match the string "123asd562"

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