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(Edited) I'm using UIWebView and I'm expeting shouldStartLoadRequest: - didStart.. - didFinish.. delegate method routine. But after shouldStartLoadRequest: (that is working right), my webview didn't jump into didStart/didFinish. My url request is .do (I searched, that would be reference URL with Ajax) The problem is, I can't toggle goBack/goForward buttons with UIWebView delegate. I often implement in didStart/didFinish with networkIndicator, but at this time, I can't.

How do I implement to toggle goBack/goForward enabled?

(Of course, I set the delegate so request)

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I tried with thread, when shouldStart.. is called, thread start and after loading property is set false(after true), thread stop. But this will be bad idea I think.. Does anyone solved it? – Gioskhan Jul 18 '11 at 4:56
Finally, web developer changed whole ajax with ".do". I don't know about that but it works, maybe, UIWebViewDelegate methods are too few and too simple(even simple is the best) – Gioskhan Jul 21 '11 at 6:30

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