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In the line of Questions every good Java/J2EE Developer should be able to answer?

I would like to ask what are the Questions every good Struts Developer should be able to answer?

Looking forward for some good responses.

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Why close this question? Similar questions have got some good answers. – anything Jul 14 '11 at 11:58
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1. What is the basic flow of a Struts handled request?

You can find a short description here and plenty of resources on the web.

(If you pretend to know Struts then there is no excuse for not knowing number 1)

Next question is "What is a Servlet?" (and I'm not kidding; if they fail number 1 they are going to fail to this also, trust me).

2. Is ActionForm part of the Model in MVC?

People think the ActionForm is part of the Model. They read the MVC description and think... Hey!... this is the Model's state, lets move this as parameters all over the Model. Now you have a tight coupling between the Model and the Struts framework.

There are plenty of examples in which the ActionForm properties are mapped 1:1 on DTO POJO objects and those used instead, but people think its a waste of code and time and just pass it along to the Model.

(Number 2 can can be excused for a junior and is later cured by experience)

3. Do you put your business logic inside the Action class? Why? Why not?

An Action is an adapter between the contents of an incoming HTTP request and the corresponding business logic that should be executed to process this request... 'nuff said

(Number 3 is also cured by experience)

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  1. Difference between filters and Interceptors ?
  2. Action Chaining
  3. classes used as part of struts framework.
  4. Validation Plugin
  5. struts Configuration.
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