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In my application for an activity's setContentview() I set a class which extends SurfaceView.

At first when the app run I able to draw there on surface (bcz there i put Touch events in that class and using canvas i able to draw on that surface ), In a option menu click i want different drawings come on same screen/surface (means explicitly i want to draw circle or line on that same canvas)& it should be set to that surface. but how can i do this?

Is there any way to call setcontview again then it may solve. U can see my code here.

Thank you

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Call invalidate() on your view class. This will call your onDraw() eventually.

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But in that class onDraw() is not a override methow. How it automatically call! Plz go throgh my code and suggest me a way. – Jyosna Jul 14 '11 at 11:30

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