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I'm trying to sort a column that contains alphanumeric data e.g.

  • sometext1
  • sometext2
  • sometext3
  • sometext10

unfortunately Tablesorter doesn't sort correctly i.e.

  • sometext1
  • sometext10
  • sometext2
  • sometext3

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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The solution:

      id: 'alphanum',
      is: function(s) {
        return false;
      format: function(s) {
        var str = s.replace(/(\d{1,2})/g, function(a){
            return pad(a);

        return str;
      type: 'text'

    function pad(num ){
      var s = '00000' + num;
      return s.substr(s.length-5);
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So, this example shows you how to create your own ordering logic.Look at the function:

    format: function(s) { 
        // format your data for normalization 
        return s.toLowerCase().replace(/good/,2).replace(/medium/,1).replace(/bad/,0); 

You need to write a javascript function to get the text and numeric portions of your string "sometext3" and then format the number with zero padding "sometext00000003" this would fix your sorting issue and will not change how it's displayed in the client.

Here's a rudimentary example:

function normalizeAlphaNumeric(text) {
r = new RegExp("([^\\d]*)(\\d*)");
var match = r.exec(text);
    return match[1] + pad(match[2]);

function pad(num) {
    var s = "000000000" + num;
    return s.substr(s.length-8); // i chose 8

document.write(normalizeAlphaNumeric("sometext1") + "<br/>");
document.write(normalizeAlphaNumeric("sometext2")+ "<br/>");
document.write(normalizeAlphaNumeric("sometext3")+ "<br/>");
document.write(normalizeAlphaNumeric("sometext10")+ "<br/>");


The output of this is:


Which is sortable now.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! –  benjamunky Jul 15 '11 at 14:14

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