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i have 2 class, 1 is regular xcode classA and the other one is cocos2d classB .

i am trying to call from classA to classB animation, and play animation in classB.

If i call the animation in classB, directly from classB its works, but if i call it from classA its not. nothing happen.

the code in A to call the function in B is :

//call cocos hardware
    ran=[[HelloWorld alloc] init];
    [ran HardwareEvent:DollPart];

i have to say that classA has a timer that is still working in background after i call B .. ALSO i can call every other function in classB and its done. but animation is not !! why the animation is not working when been called from A ?? i know its something related to the alloc in A . . .

its very important for me, please help.

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someone ? i really have to solve it :( why when i call the cocos class it fires the init again also? and the animation function is called but not played.. its some issue of layers i think .. –  Curnelious Jul 14 '11 at 13:40
anyone? you really cant event direct me on that ? –  Curnelious Jul 15 '11 at 7:31

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