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I have installed XAMPP on my Windows 7 machine and created a number of virtual servers. This part is straightforward enough.

Each time I add a new virtual server I am having to reboot my computer in order to reboot the Apache server, which is of course quite time consuming.

I have googled and found the correct console commands to use to reboot Apache, but absolutely non of the references that I have found actually tell you where to type the relevant commands! A certain level of knowledge is assumed.

So my question is - where do I actually type apache -k restart?

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Going back to absolute basics here. The answers on this page and a little googling have brought me to the following resolution to my issue. Steps to restart the apache service with Xampp installed:-

  1. Click the start button and type CMD (if on Windows Vista or later and Apache is installed as a service make sure this is an elevated command prompt)
  2. In the command window that appears type cd C:\xampp\apache\bin (the default installation path for Xampp)
  3. Then type httpd -k -restart

I hope that this is of use to others just starting out with running a local Apache server.

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