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I have a nodeset that contains various number of nodes with unique values. I want the rule to fire if the nodeset contains nodes with some of the possible values.

Example: Instance containing a nodeset with one node with Y=1 AND another node with Y=2 should fire rule.

Instance that should fire:
- X
- - Y - 1
- - Y - 2
- - Y - 3
- - Y - 4

Instance that should NOT fire:
- X
- - Y - 1
- - Y - 3
- - Y - 4

I tried with AND, OR and others, but the "problem" is that since the engine does pattern-matching it tests every node for the condition and it will either always fire, or never.

It's not that complex problem. How hard can it be :) When I found "Set of values" I thought I was home safe, but that was more of "enums".Grateful for any suggestion.

Regards Martin Bring

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Try something along the lines you'll find here It creates an exclusive-OR (When this or that but not this and that) functionality. Not saying it'll fix it for you, but it may help put you on the right track.

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Thanks for suggesting. The post is giving a solution for mappings, with a functoid, I am using Business Rules Engine. I think I have to create a custom fact that evaluate some kind of "WHERE IN". Thanks anyway. – Martin Bring Jun 11 '09 at 11:42

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