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i have problem at jquery post, php get. but i don't get any value. i'm everytime get error. so what i do wrong? there are the codes

it's jquery post:

$.post("a.php", { imagetext: $("textarea").val() } );

it's php get:

echo $_GET["imagetext"];

p.s:i'm beginner at php.

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Because you are sending a POST request, you need to use $_POST["imagetext"]; in your PHP. Alternatively, you could change it to a GET request with jQuery $.get.

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thank you :) for ur answer.. – umuur Jul 14 '11 at 13:13

You need to use $_POST["imagetext"] in PHP because you are posting with jQuery. What you are doing is acting like the request was made with GET, but $.post(...) will make a POST request.

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$.post("a.php", { imagetext: $("textarea").val() } );
echo $_POST["imagetext"];

You are using the wrong global var, should be like above.

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The reason echo $_GET["iamgetext"]; doesnt print out anything is because it is not set. At least not by your ajax call.

You have 2 options.

  1. Use echo $_POST["imagetext"];
  2. use $.get() for your ajax call.
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