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i'm starting with SVN, is there any way of configuring subclipse for automatically sync with the repo in order to know when a file was modified as soon as posible? thanks in advance!

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In case of Subversive (and I believe, the same option should be available in case of Subclipse as well) the Synchronize view allows automatic synchronization.

Initialize a synchronization using either Team/Synchronize from the context menu of some projects, or open the Team Synchronizing perspective, and select the set of synchronized projects using the Synchronize button of the Synchronize view (the button is the first button of the view toolbar).

Then the synchronization is performed, and the changes are displayed there. At this point, you could select the Schedule... option from the view menu (down-pointing triangle icon near the top right corner of the Synchronize view), and there you could set the synchronization.

AFAIK this synchronization does not update your workspace automatically (that is a sound idea, e.g. conflict resolution must happen manually), but at least you can look at the changes when needed.

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In the context menu (right-click on project) there should be an option "Team>Synchronize with repository".

I did find this tutorial useful.

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@ChyBy wantds this action to be performed automatically. – AlexR Jul 14 '11 at 13:18
@AlexR I don't think that it's possible, and I agree with your answer that one should not do that, as SVN system are not thought to be "real-time" systems. – ascanio Jul 14 '11 at 13:25
@AlexR However, I think that CHyBy does not want to automatically commit but just automatically synchronize resources, i.e. sort of "real time" monitor of the overall situation. – ascanio Jul 14 '11 at 13:32

You really do not want to do this. Synchronization with repository is a heavy operation with a lot of side effects. For example you can change file that is being changed in repository now. You do not want to get mismatch of your and other's changes while you are working. You wish to work and then update all files together and resolve conflicts (if any)

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As far as I know, subclipse provides no such option. You could write a cron job that uses the SVN command-line tools to perform an update at regular intervals, but I wouldn't recommend this. You can't automate synchronizing with SVN because updating may cause conflicts which cannot be automatically merged.

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