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If flash is not installed, i want to replace the flash animation with a jquery animation. BUT if flash and js are not installed, i want to display a div with a message to the user. how is it possible to check if flash is not running at the clientside without using js?

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Use a javascript event to replace your message with the Flash animation. If Javascript is not running, you will see the message instead.

SWFObject is a great little tool for completing exactly what you want.

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+1 for SWFObject. –  shanethehat Jul 14 '11 at 13:29

Add to HTML body classes: "no_flash no_js". They will be your default when js & flash not available.

Then when you have js, with it's help remove no_js class. With help of js try to determine flash and if it's present, show flash else -- js animation.

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thx for the fast help –  dilbert Jul 14 '11 at 13:30

Do it the other way around:

  1. Display a div with a message
  2. If JavaScript is on, replace the div with either:

    a) a Flash animation, if Flash is installed or

    b) a jQuery based animation

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