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I'm asking this in relation to Flex Builder, but it might apply to Eclipse in general.

Trace statements in Flex Builder get sent to an Eclipse Output Console. What is the easiest way to filter this text on the Eclipse side?

Specifically, I'd like to be able to filter (ignore) lines by patterns.

I came across Logback, but it seems like overkill for this scenario. Is there no way to script something like this Eclipse itself?

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Nothing specific to FlexBuilder. If you need such a functionality, you'd need to write an Eclipse plug-in. Look-up EPIC website.

Take a look at grep-console one to start off.

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Grep Console is exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks –  darscan Mar 22 '09 at 19:10

Also GrepClipse may help. Also available on the Eclipse Martket.

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