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I want to use a List of Objects globally for all views so that I can use that in all views to create navigation with the #list tag. I thought I could do that on application startup programatically, but I do not really see how I can do that.

Any ideas.

BR, Rene

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If what you want is to create navigation, you best bet is to create a tag that gets the objects form a specific controller and reuse that tag around your application.

An alternative is to use a @Before method in a controller to set the list via renderArgs.put("myList", ) and then you'll be able to access the list as ${myList}, but in your case that would be overkill and make maintenance harder that required.

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Thanks for the hint. I am using a FastTag to access the model to get the wanted list. Really powerfull mechanism. –  reen Jul 14 '11 at 14:52

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