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I have a object tag (flash) within a iframe tag, which is within a page .Aspx. But in this .aspx page, I have two combobox, and when the combobox is expanded, the options that are displayed are behind the object tag (flash) which is in iframe tag.

I tried in the CSS put a z-index temporarily with a high value in combobox and a low value in iframe, but did not work.

Somebody can help me ?

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Set the wmode property of flash object to opaque.

<param name="wmode" value="opaque" />
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also try to set positions as well with the z indexes, like absolute etc.

plus you use

<param NAME="wmode" VALUE="transparent">

hope it helps.

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The <param> I can see just when the page is rendered (runnig), so I think I can't set this.

This is my code with the <iframe>

<div class="fundo-passagem" style="padding-top:27px;"> <iframe runat="server" id="ifConteudo" name="ifConteudo" frameborder="0" height="790px" width="960px" class="iframeInstitucional" style="position:inherit;"> </iframe> </div>

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The z-index works fine against the <iframe> but against the <object> didn't work. The <object> are inside the <iframe> but just when the page are rendered.

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