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I am trying Node.js to get all the titles of this page: https://www.odesk.com/jobs/braintree

I try this:

var nodeio = require('node.io');
var methods = {
    input: false,
    run: function() {
        this.getHtml('https://www.odesk.com/jobs/braintree/', function(err, $) {

            //Handle any request / parsing errors
            if (err) this.exit(err);

            var titles = [], scores = [], output = [];

            //Select all titles on the page
            $('.content').each(function(a) {

exports.job = new nodeio.Job({timeout:10}, methods);

But I'm getting nothing as a result. What is wrong?


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You aren't accurately traversing the markup. And your use of each is incorrect. Try this:

$('a', '.content h3').each(function(index, a) {console.log($(a).text())});
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