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I'm trying to create a couple of static HTML pages for demo purpose. I decided Less 4 CSS framework

For now, I have two pages to demo:

  1. Login page: contains a header and a login form at the center of the page.
  2. Usual suspect page: header, footer, main content.

I don't know how to partition Less grid to fit my requirements. How to divide and partition Less 4 grid?

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I'm learning it too. As far as I know, LESS framework and its successor http://framelessgrid.com/ require you to manually write the CSS and HTML first. Then you use Joni Korpi's LESS to adapt it for mobile devices. Will update you as I progress myself.

Check out this answer. Basically, every element is set to certain column widths using .col1, .col2, etc

How to effectively use the Frameless grid?

And I asked this question to understand LESS css.

How to read this LESS css?

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