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i am not familiar with the most optimal and easy way on how to develop webservices using Spring. We are going to use Tomcat as our application container, so i was wondering what the most easy way would be to develop webservices using Spring running on Tomcat? Should i use CXF/Axis or something else? We are planning to use the code-first approach.

Currently we already have some nice Spring beans as services and it would be great if we could expose them as SOAP endpoints.

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If you use code first, I would suggest Apache CXF with the jax-ws front end or the simple front end

The JAX-WS version is more powerful, but the Simple Frontend decouples your code from the framework (you don't need to annotate your services). Both are simple to create and work reliably.

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Is there any working example on how to integrate CXF with Spring that you know? – Marco Jul 15 '11 at 17:44

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