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Our magento installation was working until recently. For some reason (after having installed it on a another server and then having returned to the original server – so perhaps a paypal order id syncing issue…) – after clicking “Place Order”, the payment goes through (i.e. paypal shows order as being successful and the magento log also records this fact. But the page does not refresh (i.e. redirect)

  • The order, despite being successful, is not saved in magentos orders table.

  • The server response is empty (whereas I believe it should contain a json string with the location of the “success” function)

  • I’ve traced through the code into Mage/Checkout/OnepageController.php saveOrderAction(). It seems to be failing inside $this->getOnepage()->saveOrder()

  • in eav_entity_store: increment_last_id for “order” is 100000234, increment_last_id for “invoice” is 100000233

  • in sales_flat_quote: the order isn’t recorded, the last order is one a did with the “Check / Money order” option (which does redirect to “success” correctly”). the reserved_order_id is empty for this transaction.

Hope someone can help…

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What version of Magento? – B00MER Jul 14 '11 at 16:35
@BOOMER - it's magento – user844696 Jul 15 '11 at 10:57

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