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I have got an prawn table that has a problem if a line break occurs.


Prozessanweisungen mit Individual-Texten fuer den XYZ

Exception, because of ü and line wrapping in the table cell:

Prozessanweisungen mit Individual-Texten für den XYZ

prawn (0.11.1) lib/prawn/core/text/formatted/line_wrap.rb:206:in remember_this_fragment_for_backward_looking_ops
prawn (0.11.1) lib/prawn/core/text/formatted/line_wrap.rb:180:in fragment_finished
prawn (0.11.1) lib/prawn/core/text/formatted/line_wrap.rb:101:in add_fragment_to_line
prawn (0.11.1) lib/prawn/core/text/formatted/line_wrap.rb:89:in each
prawn (0.11.1) lib/prawn/core/text/formatted/line_wrap.rb:89:in add_fragment_to_line
prawn (0.11.1) lib/prawn/core/text/formatted/line_wrap.rb:74:in

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Seems to be a problem with ruby 1.8.7. –  shepard1 Aug 3 '11 at 13:50
Upgrading to 1.9.2 solved the problem. –  shepard1 Aug 3 '11 at 13:50

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