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I have a .po file where most translated strings are identical to original ones. However, few are different. How do I quickly find the ones that differ from original?

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use podiff

I used it, an it workd for me. Its in C, so you have to compile it. make is your friend

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with git 2.3.2, I manage to make it work with command = /usr/bin/podiff (without −D−u −L options as mentionned in the git example), otherwise it tells "wrong number of arguments" –  Onur Celebi Jul 24 at 14:18

I would suggest using one of the many web-based localization management platforms. To name a few:

This kind of platforms allows you to keep your resource files in sync, edit them in a web-based editor (useful for no-technical translators) and most importantly to highlight/see only the changed/untranslated strings.

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