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Is there an easy way to get rid of tiling when using a QBrush with texture?

QImage*   texture = CreateQImage();       // create texture
QBrush*   brush   = new QBrush(*texture); // create texture brush
QPainter* painter = CreateQPainter();     // create painter

painter->fillRectangle(0, 0, 500, 500, *brush);

Suppose we have a QImage texture with size of 20x20 pixels. The code above will tile this texture all across the rectangle being filled. Is there an easy way to draw only a single instance of this texture? The QBrush usage is crucial.

Theoretically, I could reload every fill and draw method of the QPainter that takes a QBrush as input and use a

method, but I think there must be a simplier way.

Thanks, Tony.

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I don't think there is (see Qt::BrushStyle - the only style with a texture tiles it), and it wouldn't really make sens IMO. If you just want one image, use the drawImage functions as you've stated.

(One of the problems with not tiling is: what do you fill the rest of the rectangle with? Nothing? Some default background color? Some other QBrush attribute?)

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Yeah, the rest of the rectangle won't be filled at all. I want to achieve the same result as WrapModeClamp in GDI+ does. –  Tony Jul 14 '11 at 14:22

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