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I really like what this website has done with their CSS layout. Is there any tutorials anyone can point me to/an explanation of the layout - particularly how to get those smaller linked images to line up over the larger image. I'm a bit new to design. Let me know.



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those small images on top of the larger one may just be simple absolutely positioned divs... I suggest you looking for some tutorials about absolute positioning in CSS. – Jose Faeti Jul 14 '11 at 14:23
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Download Firefox's Web Developer Add-on and Firebug. (Chrome has something similar - likely other browsers do too).

After you install them, visit the page in question, and click Outline -> Outline Current Element. This will make it so anything you rollover will show you a red border around it - which will help you understand all the parts that make up their page.

Then, right-click on an element and click Inspect Element (at bottom of pop-up options). This will show you the HTML on the left and the CSS on the right - the perfect way to learn how they're laying out their page.

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Thanks a ton. The firefox plugin was something I had no clue about and helped immensely. – TopChef Jul 14 '11 at 17:24

Download Firebug for Firefox, it allows you to easily inspect elements on a web page and see their css etc. Chrome also has a bult-in inspector.

Inspect an element, look at the css then Google to find out what the css does if you aren't sure.

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Well ok, it's kind of a crap navigation though...

Anyway, the nav is built using the float ( attribute. Two elements (the containers) are placed sequentially, then the first (the nav) is floated to the left of the second. There's also usage of the position ( attribute to move it over the picture.

And like the others said, use Firebug to figure out what everything is doing.

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