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We are using treepanel with check box in our application.It seems like:

var treepanel = {
id : 'tree',
xtype : 'treepanel',
store : layerStore,
rootVisible : false,
listeners : {
checkchange : function(node,check){
if(node.get('id') == 'teacher'){
alert('you have selected teacher node');
}else if(node.get('id') == 'student'){ alert('you have selected student node'); }

LayerStore code:

var layerStore = Ext.create('Ext.data.TreeStore',{
root : {
children : [
text : 'teacher layer',
id : 'teacher',
checked : false
text : 'Student layer',
id : 'student',
checked : false


Now,i am getting the alert message when we check on the particular checkbox.My problem is that if we uncheck the checkbox then it has to display the alert like you has unselected a particular layer.Please help me.

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I quess You have to change your 'checkchange' handler to this:

checkchange : function(node,check){
  var s = (!check && 'un' || '' ) + 'selected';

  if(node.get('id') == 'teacher'){
    alert('you have '+s+' teacher node');
  }else if(node.get('id') == 'student'){ alert('you have '+s+' student node'); }
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Thanks a lot for your reply.It helped me a lot. –  Unknown Jul 15 '11 at 3:10
Hi Molecule,i have an another doubt,if we select the parent node,it has to select the cild nodes under particular parent node.For eg: if we select teacher node then the child nodes under teacher node has to select.Is there any poosibility?If please help me. –  Unknown Jul 15 '11 at 3:48
Hi @Kiran. It is possible. You may play around with node.cascadeBy. For example node.cascadeBy(function(childNode){childNode.set('checked', check); tree.fireEvent('checkchange', childNode, check); }. Although you may have issues with nested nodes. This code may not affect not rendered nodes. In this case I suggest using node.expandChildren(true, function(){node.cascadeBy(function(childNode){childNode.set('checked', check); tree.fireEvent('checkchange', childNode, check); }}); I'll be happy if it helps –  Molecular Man Jul 15 '11 at 6:44
How to unselect when parent node is unselected.I just tried using node.cascadeBy(function(childNode){childNode.set('unchecked',!check)}; But no improvement.If you have any idea please share with us. –  Unknown Jul 25 '11 at 14:16

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