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I am using MVC3 with entity framework 4 and the repository pattern and looking for advice on the best approach for selecting related entities.

I have been reading the follwoing tutorials


As this is not using the repository pattern its a tad confusing for me understanding how to set this up, for example, this code is included in the controller (in the above example),

public ViewResult Index()
var instructors = db.Instructors.Include(i => i.OfficeAssignment);
return View(instructors.ToList());

Im using the repository, with an interface ICustomerRepository, and a concrete implementation of the interface. Where should i construct the LINQ query with the include statement, if i try to do this in the implementation of my repository (which i assume is where it should go to keep the controller clean) i get errors, stating unable to convert the lambda expression to type string.

This is the code currently in my repository implementation,

namespace CustomerOrders.Domain.Concrete
    public class EFCustomerSiteRepository : ICustomerSiteRepository
        private EFDbContext context = new EFDbContext();

        public IQueryable<CustomerSite> CustomerSites
            get { return context.CustomerSites; }

This is my entity that includes a navigation property for Customers.

namespace CustomerOrders.Domain.Entities
    public class CustomerSite
        public int CustomerSiteId { get; set; }
        public int CustomerId { get; set; }
        public string AddressLine1 { get; set; }
        public string AddressLine2 { get; set; }
        public virtual Customer Custs { get; set; }


And this is my Entity Framework context

public class EFDbContext : DbContext
    public DbSet<Customer> Customers { get; set; }
    public DbSet<CustomerSite> CustomerSites { get; set; }

What would be the best approach for selecting the related entity (Customer) with the customer sites?

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I believe you got the answer to this question in your other question here

However, placing the including code within the repository would be the better approach to keep as much of the domain logic as possible out of the controller.

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