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I have two forms like this:

class PersonForm(forms.Form):
  name = forms.CharField()

  def clean(self):
    print "Validating Person"

  def save(self):
    print "Saving Person"

def InstrumentForm(forms.Form):
  instrument = forms.CharField()

  def clean(self):
    print "Validating Instrument"

  def save(self):
    print "Saving Instrument"

I need to declare another form which subclasses both these forms. I'm using this method as an alternative to FormWizard.

def BandForm(PersonForm, InstrumentForm):

  def clean(self):
    print "Validating Band"

  def save(self):
    print "Saving Band"

Can I do this? When I call the validate on the BandForm I would like the validation first occur on the PersonForm and then on the InstrumentForm. When I call the save method of the BandForm, I would like first save the data in the InstrumentForm and then on the BandForm.

What I'm basically trying to do is to save data to both forms together. I was having trouble with FormWizard and thought that it might be possible to do it like this.


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Put both forms inside one form tag (see: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.3/ref/forms/api/#prefixes-for-forms), then validate and save them in order you want, for example in view:

form1 = PersonForm(request.POST or None, prefix='person')
form2 = InstrumentForm(request.POST or None, prefix='instrument')

if form1.is_valid() and form2.is_valid():
  # return redirect
# render forms
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