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I'm developing a CodeIgniter app on Win 7, using WampServer v2.0 - I've edited my local HOSTS file so that I can access it here: ht_tp://testdomain/ instead of ht_tp://localhost/testdomain/ to help make it work the same locally as it does when deployed live, with a line like this: testdomain

This set up is working fine when I access the pages in browser on the same PC.

Now I'm developing some new pages for mobile use, e.g. iPhone, and I want to be able to view my site directly on the iPhone. The phone is connected to the LAN, and I've opened up port 80 on the PC.

I want to be able to go to ht_tp://testdomain/ on the iphone, but it tells me it can't find the server.

// edit - an extra part I need is that I need to be able to run more than one site on my localhost at the same time, and they all work from the root - this is why I wanted to use testdomain/.

I'm not sure what to Google for now, can someone help me out?

Thanks, Dan

(ht_tp means http in case that wasn't obvious)

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There are a few solutions for that problem to be found here.

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Answers shouldn't only consist of links. Summarize the content of the link here. –  Janes Abou Chleih Feb 12 at 19:52
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Between us here we figured out how to set up Apache to allow us to view locally hosted websites on their own unique IPs. In a nutshell it's open up port 80 for private requests, and config apache to handle the requests. Each site gets its own IP address within the LAN. Then the iPhone, and other computers, can access the webpages hosted by your computer.

This works great for our needs here:


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well same was the problem with me , now sloved. what u have to do is to go in apache and then httpd.confg. set the port to 8080 and allow all acess to " allow form all" every where and then go to ipconfig in comnd prompt and see ip form there and give the same ip in ur mobile browser which is followed by a colon and port exmple"" and u can access ur php page in ur mobile.

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Wamp > Apache > httpd.conf

Change the line

Deny from all


Allow from all
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On your iPad go to you wifi settings and turn Off your http proxy. It worked for me

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Who tells you that he uses a proxy? Normally a proxy isn't used in a private network. –  Janes Abou Chleih Feb 12 at 19:50

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