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I'd be glad if someone could tell me what the following lines should look like under linux bin/bash script:

if %rand2% LSS 10 rand2=%rand2%+10
set /a macc6=%rand2%

Don't even know if there is even an equivalent to %RANDOM% to start with...

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bash has $RANDOM (Bash variables)

The step-by-step translation:

rand2=$((rand1 % 100))
(( rand2 < 10 )) && (( rand2 += 10 ))
export macc6=$rand2

Without the temp variables:

export macc6=$(( RANDOM % 100 ))
(( macc6 < 10 )) && (( macc6 += 10 ))
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Wow, thanks! That was quick :) –  fireball Jul 14 '11 at 15:58
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