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I want to store my documentation under SVN source control.

In DokuWiki settings there is

Directory for saving data          '.../apps/dokuwiki/data'

DokuWiki stores all data inside text files under '.../apps/dokuwiki/data' folder. There are many stuffs there including indexes caches etc. It seems that I only need the 'pages' folder.

How can I move the 'pages' folder inside my SVN folders and configure the DocuWiki to use pages from there?

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$conf['datadir'] can be used in conf/local.php to set the page directory independently from the rest of the directories in data. You probably want to use $conf['mediadir] for uploaded images and files as well and maybe $conf['metadir'] for saving page metadata.

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Thanks, do I need metadata in SVN? In other words, can metadata be regenerated by DokuWiki? –  Reuven Bass Jul 14 '11 at 17:38
Should not it be $conf['datadir'] instead of $conf['pagedir']? DokuWiki help –  Reuven Bass Jul 14 '11 at 17:50
Yes, it's datadir. Not all metadata can be recreated by DokuWiki. –  Andreas Gohr Jul 18 '11 at 11:45

Here's an example of what I set mine to:

$conf['datadir'] = './my-data/pages/';
$conf['mediadir'] = './my-data/media/';
$conf['metadir'] = './my-data/meta/';

N.B. Be sure to use 'datadir' (not 'pagedir') as noted in the comments to the earlier answer.

You may also want to configure your attic:

$conf['olddir'] = './my-data/attic/';

This makes management under svn more complicated, as you have to add attic files all the time, but it preserves change history across developers. This depends a little more on your installation though; if you regularly clean your attic you wouldn't want to do this.

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